The Littles

Little moments, little spaces, little details, little things. They wait, undiscovered, and then you find them and they enrich all the time tucked in the in-betweens, those spaces that exist when milestones and grand moments aren’t going on. And I love them. I can’t help myself from seeking out the littles. It’s my only way of being in the world. It’s inevitable.

I used to hate it when people would point out my proclivity for details, the things left unnoticed by others, the leftovers I loved. It felt like an assault on each of the myriad corners of the world I inhabited … and I was having none of it. Really it was a selfish way of being, looking back.

As an adult, my impulse has completely flipped. Experiencing joy in the littles, I have such difficulty not sharing them. I’d like to think it’s that I’m less selfish and introverted, less possessive of my collected littles. In reality, and with definite irony, it was probably my singular love for the littles that has driven me to others, to growing and sharing, to living in the world around me as it is, making no excuses, and appreciating it along the way.

So, here I am. Me, loving the littles, collecting and sharing them.

Ryan Vale McGonigle

Comments on the Featured Image: I spot several little things to fall in love with – which is why I took this picture. The photo itself isn’t perfect and the location isn’t technically anything special. That doesn’t mean there can’t be meaning in them though. 

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