Me, Strong


thirteen point one

done strong.

don’t mean i gotta run a marathon now strong.

already in it for the long haul strong.

been working toward

much bigger things now strong.

listening before i speak

now strong.

careful, that don’t mean i’m weak

now strong.


“good” don’t just mean i’m sweet

now strong.

keep pushing forward for

myself, strong.

no time for

shallow validation spoke

now strong.

not scared to

fight for what i hope for strong.

voice of a woman here to say

how strong,

my voice clear and here to stay now,


Ryan Vale McGonigle 

March is Women’s History Month. Momentarily suspending commentary on the political nature of that “gift,” I would like to remind us, dear readers, that not every woman makes the history books – and the ones who don’t still have stories worth hearing. Talk to the women in your life. Chances are, they’re strong too.

Comments on the Featured Image: Photo credit to a dear friend who indulges my silly side often enough for me not to lose sight of it too long.

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