West Homestead


n. the home and adjoining land occupied by a family

For the fifth time in as many years, we’re on the move. But thank God, this time we’re landing somewhere more permanent.

We searched for about a year. We saw small places, large places, some with no land and some where it was seemingly endless (by New York standards, anyway). Places where neighbors wanted to know you, places where they clearly didn’t. Places where two legs and determination could get you anywhere, places where four wheels were absolutely required.

We loved a lot. We hated a lot. We got excited a lot. We felt discouraged a lot. At times we thought we had the answer. And just as often we thought we might never figure it out.

Finding a home is hard work, y’all.

And then, just as we were about to give up, our house found us. Now we’re West Homesteading. Now we’re home. And now that we’re there, I know where else to take the littles.

Join us – Husband, Salem and me – as we start liftingthevale on life as newly reminted suburbanites. You’re always welcome here!

Ryan Vale McGonigle

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