Commuter’s Lament

Commuters lament

My lamenter’s commute





Not out, not in

Just down again,

Through the abyss

Of hellish heat and

Too many people

With nowhere to go.

For reasons that sound like

Trains stalled

Signals crossed

Tracks broken

Well loved? No, used.

We sit again, stand again, crowd again, sweat again, complain again, scream again,


That we’ll never ride again.

And yet we do go down again

Descend again


And then

Another commute,

Another lament,

This torture and our temperament.

Ryan Vale McGonigle

NB: I’m starting a counter for how many days it takes to “fix” the system that should have been completely overhauled a long, long time ago. And for the record, pretty new concourses are absolutely not a distraction, nice try Penn.

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