About This Blog

Hello, I’m Ryan and this is my blog.

Here are some questions and some answers about the two of us (because every relationship has to go through that awkward “getting to know you” phase):

Q. Is that really your name or is that just your blog name?

A. Yes, that is my real name. Well, part of it anyway.

Q. Why do you blog?

A. See my post “The Littles.” Also, it helps me manage stress and is a great creative outlet.

Q. Why am I still reading this?

A. Great question. I don’t know, but more interesting things are in my other posts, so I’d find another on liftingthevale if I were you.

Q. Right now?

A. Yes. There is no time like the present. Which is something I’m still learning too!

Q. Wait, don’t go yet! How can I contact you?

A. Check out my “Reach The Author” page. Through the magic of the internet, it will direct you to the *new* site where you can best contact me now that this project has reached its conclusion. Alternatively, appropriate commentary is always welcomed on my posts, either here or there. The world is meant to be shared. (Now really, go read “The Littles”).

But please, remember that when you write to me here, you’re not just writing to me. Your posts are visible to other humans. Let’s keep it friendly.